Marine Explorers with Dry Bag

Marine Explorers with Dry Bag


$10 of every package purchased will be donated. $5 to TICATOVE (Vieques' Turtle Nonprofit) and $5 to Crystal Clear's Saving Corals Program. 

Check out Episode 1 (of 8) here:

This is our Marine Explorers Package that includes a Vieques, Puerto Rico 5L Dry Bag, a photo of The Vieques Mermaid with a personalized note on the back to your child, a few pieces of seaglass, and all of the contents of the Marine Explorers package on a turtle thumb drive:

-8 episodes, 4 to 7 minutes long in English with Spanish subtitles. Each episode focuses on one organism. 

1: Nurse Sharks

2: Octopuses

3: Bearded Fireworms

4: Lionfish

5: Southern Stingrays

6: Sharksuckers

7: Corals

8: Green Turtles

-3 sets of bilingual worksheets per episode (easy, medium, and hard)

-A bilingual, extra info document loaded with information categorized by prey, predator, reproduction, defense, effect on ecosystem, and human impact on species. This is geared towards older kids who are interested in reading or parents or teachers who would like to incorporate extra information into lessons. 

-Ocean Exploration Activity Workbook of 20 pages (English and Spanish copy) that includes coloring, color by number, connect the dots, and a crossword that uses the facts given throughout the book. This was created by President Cristina Salvesen of TICATOVE.

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